Birthday Cake Ice Cream

This last month was my birthday and graduation from grad school! Not that I need an excuse for birthday cake ice cream, but I thought that this might be the perfect chance to put my new ice cream maker to work ! Truthfully, this wasn’t my first batch of ice cream, because I’ve been a little obsessed. There were a few tricks that  I’d already learned through trial and error:

  • Custard-based ice cream (using egg) takes longer since it usually has to be heated at some point during the recipe and therefore needs more time to cool down. However, it makes a richer, more decadent ice cream compared to the milk base. Delicious! My favorite thus far: browned butter ice cream. Can’t wait to try it on pies this fall!
  • Cream-based ice cream takes less time, since the ingredients are usually combined already refrigerated, but letting the final cream sit and cool to let the flavors combine, even overnight, makes a better finished product.
  • Though you can eat it straight from the ice cream maker (quality control, of course), both custard- and cream- based  ice creams benefit from a quick refreeze to make a firmer consistency.

Being very particular on my birthday cake ice cream, I tried several recipes before finally settling on this one! I used funfetti ice cream (and added more sprinkles towards the end of the process), but this can work with plain yellow cake mix as well.


1 pint heavy cream

1 cup milk

1/2 cup sugar

1 cup funfetti cake mix

2 tablespoons vanilla extract

Additional sprinkles (to your preference)

  1. Blend all ingredients except sprinkles. Chill for at least two hours.
  2. Add mixture to ice cream machine and follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Add additional sprinkles close to the end of the churning process (I added with approximately 5 minutes to go).
  4. Serve immediately or chill in freezer for firmer ice cream. Enjoy!

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